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3 Places To Visit in Ivanhoe to Feed Your Mind

October 17, 2022
3 Places to Visit Ivanhoe to Feed Your Mind

Appealing to residents of all ages, Ivanhoe is a suburb where people flock to raise families. Set against the backdrop of thriving greenery, this gem of a suburb is replete with venues that give visitors and locals alike plenty to enjoy.

But what may not be known by many is that Ivanhoe hosts several places of exceptional services. They are described as such because these offer things that are conventionally in demand in an era ruled by screens and social media. These places give the mind a break–something that does not just give it an easy dopamine hit. These places feed the intellect and develop a healthy appreciation of literature and nature.  

Here are the 3 places in Ivanhoe that serve to sustain the mind.

Andrew’s Bookshop

Small but generous in its offering of various literature, Andrew’s Bookshop is a bookshop located at Upper Heidelberg RD in Ivanhoe. It is quaint, spanning more than 40 years. It all began in 1977 when a young man named Andrew started selling 2 boxes of his parents’ old books at the Wantirna Market. In 1983, Andrew’s Bookshop was opened. 

Andrew’s Bookshop thrives in its dedication to providing a wide range of books that deal with general fiction, interior design, travel, and art history, among others. It even offers adult coloring books and postcards, something that is seen as almost passe in the ever-expanding digital terrain. Nonetheless, Andrew’s Bookshop keeps itself afloat with something that the internet simply cannot offer.  

The Ivanhoe Library and Cultural Hub

The Ivanhoe Library and Cultural Hub is a place that celebrates intellect and cultural expression. It has become known as a place of inclusivity where visitors are free to think, study, delve into art, and get involved with other creative activities through cultural programs. Each of these will integrate and support each other. For instance, art workshops will be run by resident artists and joined by other artists or other library visitors. The aim is to be dynamic, adaptable, and of course, inclusive. 

Not wanting to leave anyone behind, it operates under the principle: Something for everyone, all under one roof, all year round. 

Chelsworth Park 

Apart from the cafes and specialty shops, are you wondering where else you can read your newly purchased book from Andrew’s Bookshop? Maybe you can stroll by the river first and settle on one of the wooden park benches underneath the massive old trees of Chelsworth Park. 

Surround yourself in Chelsworth Park’s teeming greenery and rich bird life as you find an escape from the daily drudgery of contemporary living. Visitors agree that the park is one of Ivanhoe’s finest with its well-maintained oval and walking tracks where you can walk your dog, beautiful riverside view, and the quietude it offers.

So there you go, if you happen to be in the Ivanhoe searching for a timid and repose from your monotonous day-to-day life, be sure to check out these places. Surely, your mind will find the peaceful break that it so deserves.

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