How to Secure a Rental with no Rental History

May 17, 2021

Find a guarantor

If you can find someone to make the rental payments on your behalf, this would be favorable to the landlord as they will receive the payments on time.

Set up direct debit

If you set up a direct debit, this will ensure that the funds will automatically be debited when the rent is due.

Show proof of regular payments

If you entered into a financial contract, where you make payments regularly and on time, please provide this to your agent as this would show willingness to make payments.

Provide evidence of income

If you can provide us a letter of reference from your saying how many hours you worked, and the amount you get paid, it will help us to decide if you can financially support the rental payments.

There is still a chance for you to secure your dream property even without having previous rental history. Everything is possible as long as you provide all the essential documents and proofs needed.

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