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A Cold One For a Tough Week: Bars in Brunswick East You Just Have to Check Out Pt. 2

October 6, 2022
A Cold One For a Tough Week: Bars in Brunswick East You Just Have to Check Out Pt. 2

The week has been quite a dive, hasn’t it? And there is no better way to cap it off than spending it with your closest mates in a bar that serves your favorite drink.

And because we believe that one good turn deserves another, here’s part two of our feature on the hippest bars in Brunswick East that all the cool kids are at. 

Noisy Ritual, Brunswick East

Noisy Ritual

249 Lygon Street, Brunswick East

“Making and drinking wine should be a celebration: relaxed, loud, inclusive, and fun.

Get involved.”

Thus says Noisy Ritual’s tagline from its official website. Standing out as the sole winemaking establishment in an urban setup, the winery gathers all the grapes it uses to produce wine from different known vineyards across Victoria. 

But what sets Noisy Ritual from the rest of the bars in Melbourne is its move to further client experience by grounding the winemaking experience to its avid patrons. They are given their chance to produce their wine through the traditional way of pressing and stomping grapes in the winery itself.

Noisy Ritual also offers an extensive menu of salads, meat and fish dishes, and deserts that go well with a glass of red and do not discriminate against any discriminating palette.

Old Palm Liquor, Brunswick East

Old Palm Liquor

133B Lygon Street, Brunswick East

Don’t let the dark and gloomy entrance fool you into thinking that Old Palm Liquor is too somber or “old” for fun. When you go deeper into the bar, you’ll find a most pleasant contrast at the back with its appearance of a semi-indoor garden blessed with natural light and furnished with a fireplace that gives it a homey atmosphere. 

Considered a sequel venue to the popular, Fitzroy North haunt Neighbourhood Wine by proprietors Simon Denman and Almay Jordaan, Old Palm Liquor offers a long wine list and a food menu that cater to all tastes, leaving both first-time visitors and regular patrons the obvious choice between staying or looking for another bar to hang out in. 

Uncle Joe's, Brunswick East

Uncle Joe’s

325 Lygon Street, Brunswick East

Much like the vibe that its name exudes, Uncle Joe’s has an air of Pop Culture evidenced by its aesthetics: a portrait of David Bowie assuming the image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus that hangs atop the intentionally shabby brick walls of the bar, a library of vinyl records that entice with a classic selection, an image of Patti Smith painted on the courtyard walls, and a disco ball that resplendently hang on the toilet. 

Uncle Joe’s provides an exciting menu of martinis and other alcoholic beverages and Lebanese pizzas patiently baked on firewood.

Temple Brewing Company, Brunswick East

Temple Brewing Company

122 Weston Street, Brunswick East

Industrial in character, the second iteration of Temple Brewing Company fits perfectly in the Brunswick end of Lygon Street, appealing to both professionals and the working class regardless of the intensity of their love for craft beer.

But the Temple Brewing Company attracts not just because of the booze but also because of the selection of South American food, delicatessen, and cheese boards. On top of that, the Temple also hosts live music and comedy that is sure to revitalize any tired soul.

The B. East, Brunswick East

The B.East

80 Lygon Street, Brunswick East

An obvious play on the name of the area, B.East is as hip as it sounds. The bar serves all the fast food favorites such as burgers, fries, and shakes. Among the usual favorites, those that stand out are the Fried Chicken Burger, the Clint Beastwood burger, the Sexy Beast, the Holy Cheezus, and the southern Fried Chicken fillet with a slew of sides and sauces. And if you can take in more pork and grease, you can pay $3.50 for a bacon add-on. But if you’re conscious of what you eat, you can get a gluten-free option for only $1.50. 

Apart from the selection that is sure to be conversation starters, customers are treated to a fun-filled youthful ambiance of pop interiors that are a sure-fire hit among the younger clientele.

These five bars complete your list of go-to places to start the weekend right. 

So cut yourself some slack, gather your mates, and get a change of perspective; who knows, maybe a night out in one of these colorful hang-out places is all you need to reset.

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