What are The Do’s and Don’ts of Attending an Open for Inspection

March 29, 2021

Are you eyeing a property in Melbourne and planning to attend an open house inspection soon? We have a few tips for you. Bear this list of do’s and don’ts in mind to ensure that you maximise your trip.


Ask questions

Agents are there to sell the property and are probably the most knowledgeable people about the property there on the day. Ask questions such as:

  • Has the property been renovated
  • Why are the owners selling 
  • Have you received any offers on the property
  • How long has the property been on the market 

Check if anything is broken

Check for squeaky cupboards. Check the pressure of some of the taps. You are allowed to check to see if something is wrong with the property you intend to purchase.

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Take photos or videos, with permission 

Although there are media provided on most online listings, buyers may take specific photos of what they want to maybe show relatives or builders, given they have the permission of the selling agent.

Make yourself at home, within reason 

When at an open house feel free to sit on the couch or at the kitchen counter to get a feel for how it may be if you were to move in. As long as you avoid destroying any of the property stylings such as jumping on the beds you should relax and take in what the home has to offer.

Wear what you’re comfortable in 

Don’t dwell too much on what you should wear to an open house. Wear comfortable clothing to simulate the conditions you would be in if you lived at the property.


Don’t loudly criticise the property 

It’s normal to find slight shortcomings at a property, however, you should avoid loudly expressing your findings. Instead, if something is found that is not up to your standard you should contact the agent in private after the open house and discuss your findings.

Don’t bring drinks 

If a drink such as a coffee were to be spilled at the open house it would look bad to other potential buyers and would be a large inconvenience for the agent to get it cleaned up.

Don’t enter the house with dirty footwear or barefoot 

Due to most open houses being on weekends parents may bring their kids from other sporting commitments, ensure that they are not entering the house with muddy shoes. Although a beachside property may be open for inspection it is not appropriate to enter barefoot just because it’s close to a beach.

Don’t snoop 

There is a difference between taking a quick look at the interior dimensions of a cupboard and going through people’s belongings. You’re there to gauge the house not the personalities of the people currently living in it.

Don’t be rude 

The agents are doing their job while trying to keep track of everything that’s going on. Have some understanding when communicating with agents.

Final inspection

As a homebuyer, it is a smart move to attend as many open houses as you can. But once you have set your eyes on the property that suits your taste, bear in mind the things that you need to check on the final inspection.

  • lights
  • appliances and electronics such as water heaters, air conditioners, smoke alarms, etc.
  • plumbing, pool, and spa filters
  • door handles and locks
  • windows, glasses, curtains, and blinds

In Victoria, buyers are entitled to inspect the property at any reasonable time during the week before the settlement. Or if the home is occupied, ask the outgoing owners some questions and exchange contact information.

Covid-19 Open House Restrictions

  • Fully vaccinated residents can attend home inspections and auctions.
  • If people’s vaccination status isn’t being checked or is unknown, inspections must take place by private appointment, limited to a single household only at a time.
  • The Victorian government’s phase D settings state that only fully vaccinated adults can attend in-person auctions, with unvaccinated adults-only permitted to attend remotely.

To know about the restrictions for other states, you can refer to this link.

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