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With a Dash of Flair: 5 Restaurants in Northcote You Just Have To Visit

January 30, 2023

With a Dash of Flair: 5 Restaurants in Northcote You Just Have To Visit

While a staple on the more bougie networking sites, taking aesthetic food photos has earned the ire of pseudo-intellectuals across regions simply because the act does not lend itself to a “real-world” purpose. But when asked, people who post their lavish dining experiences on social media simply allude to the fun of it; that this is their way of recording their experiences. Some even use their following as a way to sell the good service they have experienced, thinking that the experience should not end with them. 

That said, if you happen to be in Northcote, looking to dine in its best restaurants and bars, you have opened the right article. 

We’ll walk you through five modish food places in Northcote, to jumpstart your exploration: Estelle, Red Door Corner Store, Mesob, Barry, and Tahina.

Estelle, Northcote VIC


243 High St, Northcote, 

Victoria 3070 Australia

+61 3 9489 4609

With an aesthetic composed of a sleek black, brown, and white palette set on a semi-industrial structure, Estelle exudes an air of opulence. And the food? Sumptuous. 

Estelle’s menu is a strong, attractive roster of snacks, entrées, main courses, sides, and desserts. The restaurant also serves wine.

Estelle does not discriminate against non-conventional tastes and nutritional advocacies. The restaurant is friendly to vegans, vegetarians, and the holistically health-conscious through its gluten-free food options.

You can check out Estelle’s menu here:

Red Door Corner Store, Northcote VIC

Red Door Corner Store

70 Mitchell St, Northcote, 

Victoria 3070 Australia

+61 3 9489 8040

Expertly cooked and curated, the food at Red Door Corner Store is a tasty line of all-day breakfast, brunch, and lunch. Apart from that, the restaurant serves a wide selection of coffee and lovingly crafted sandwiches. While there is a time limit of how long customers can stay, the duration is ample enough for patrons to order, eat, and have a good time.

The staff is polite and employs a personable approach with every request. A family-friendly restaurant, Red Door Corner Store provides a cool and cheery atmosphere that will surely delight anyone who dines.

Check out Red Door Corner Store’s menu here:

Mesob, Northcote VIC


213 High St, Northcote, 

Victoria 3070 Australia


Mesob customers are treated with a warm welcome that will entice them to stay. And wait until you get a taste of the food. Mesob’s menu is an impressive selection of African and Ethiopian dishes that will introduce customers to rich histories and cultures without leaving Northcote. Each food serving is designed for sharing. And while it is not a requirement to use your hands while eating, you’ll find the experience more fulfilling if you do so.

Mesob serves dishes made from organic ingredients making all viands good for everyone. The restaurant also serves gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options.

You can find Mesob’s menu here:

Barry, Northcote VIC


85 High St, Northcote, 

Victoria 3070 Australia

+61 3 9481 7623

The beautiful food preparation and the restaurant’s semi-industrial and Victorian structure add to the tasty dining experience at Barry. Customers are treated to a selection of breakfast, brunch, and lunch, all lovingly made with the finest, top-shelf ingredients. The offerings range from colorful fast food dishes to carefully-made ala carte mains and desserts.

Barry is greatly admired by many for its coffee, making it a daily morning stop when you’re off to work.

The staff is lauded by customers for their efficiency and personality. Alongside the food and the ambiance, Barry is a restaurant and café you’d keep coming back to. 

Tahina, Northcote VIC


Northcote 3070 223 High St, 

Northcote, Victoria 3070 Australia

Strong flavors and vibrant food presentations dominate Tahina’s menu. Composed of Middle-Eastern and Israeli cuisine, Tahina uses only authentic, top-quality ingredients that take every customer in the culture.

Like the other restaurants on our list, they welcome all tastes and preferences with their vegan and vegetarian offerings.

Tahina knows how to foster an ambiance with its fine taste in music that permeates a neat, contemporary establishment, fostering a cool and calm dining experience.

See Tahina’s menu here:

Top-Shelf and Tasty; Go On, Take a Snap!

Style and top-quality food await Northcote locals and visitors in these five food places. If you have the time and money to spare, treat yourself to a delightful night out with friends or family. Surely, there is plenty to enjoy, and not taking a snap to preserve your newly-built memories would be a waste.  

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