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Sweet Repose In Northcote: 5 Verdant and Well-Kept Parks In The Suburb You Should Visit Today

February 6, 2023

Sweet Repose In Northcote: 5 Verdant and Well-Kept Parks In The Suburb You Should Visit Today

The stresses of contemporary living can effortlessly weigh us down. And while we can easily disconnect ourselves at home, ignore the constant notifications on our phones, and not open our laptops, sometimes, it takes more than isolation to get the rest you deserve. Sometimes, what you need is the cool and calm of nature to get you back on track. 

If you’re living in Northcote, you have already won half the battle. Seen as laid-back but contemporary at the same time, the suburb is a good choice for families and professionals. Regardless of their walk of life, Northcote locals enjoy the modern but homey atmosphere, and all the conveniences the suburb offers.

So when we’re talking about the parks and the amenities these offer, we’re referring to the icing on the cake, minus the unhealthy sugar and the unnecessary design fluff. 

Here are five of Northcote’s most notable parks you should visit today: Gumbri Park, Merri Park, Oldis Garden, Rubie Thompson, and Johnson Reserve.

Gumbri Park, Northcote VIC

Gumbri Park

St Georges Rd 

& Arthurton Rd


VIC 3070, Australia

Formerly known as Batman Park, Gumbri Park is a well-maintained park complete with walk trails, an expansive playground, benches, and covered structures for barbecues. While the latter is an enticing option, you can always have a picnic on the park’s consistently manicured lawns as you watch your children enjoy the playground.

Wholesome and neat, Gumbri Park is one of the cleanest and most salubrious green spaces in the suburb.

Merri Park, Northcote VIC

Merri Park

1 Sumner Ave,

Northcote VIC 3070,


Restored to their former glory through several reclamation efforts, the Merri Creek wetlands is another addition to Merri Park’s attractive features including Merri Trail and Merri Creek. The latter is especially enticing given its orientation as an archaeological site where indigenous artifacts are usually found.

Apart from these, Merri Park hosts a baseball pitch and is home to the Fitzroy Baseball Club. It also has a massive playground embedded at the center of the park, several sports facilities, and spaces where visitors can have barbecues. The surrounding patches of tall, old but lively trees that almost engulf its joyful trails make Merri Park the very definition of lush nature. 

Oldis Garden, Northcote, VIC

Oldis Garden

East St, 

Northcote VIC 3070, 


Kid-friendly and a go-to place for Northcote’s more outgoing residents, the Oldis Garden stuns with scenic surroundings and notable facilities. The park is suitable for jogging, running, walking the dog, playing basketball, and even meditation.

Oldis Garden is graced with structures that exude historic grit, painting it with character. Completing its picturesque quality, the park is made alive with exotic Australian plant life.

If you’re looking for a venue for your kid’s birthday party, Oldis Garden provides a delightful venue that will give the celebration personality and aesthetic background.  

Rubie Thompson Reserve

Rubie Thompson Reserve

Separation St, 

Northcote VIC 3070, 


Abundant with trees that grace the consistently-trimmed carpets of grass. The park includes walk trails, pathways, and a massive playground. The empty spaces are expansive enough for games of frisbees or any other ball sports. 

Strewn across the park are benches that lend to moments when visitors just want to get lost in their thoughts or a novel with an intense plot. 

The Rubie Thompson Reserve is a peaceful green space where you can throw small picnics or birthday parties with a soothing natural backdrop.

Johnson Reserve, Northcote VIC

Johnson Reserve

36 Burton St, 

Chadstone VIC 3148, 


Clean with well-demarcated spaces, the Johnson Reserve provides a stillness to visitors of every age. It offers open-space playgrounds, covered venues where people can have barbecues, and trails where they can run or jog. 

The Johnson Reserve is also expansive enough to play various games and picnics.

Give Yourself a Break, Take a Stroll.

With these green spaces offering more than walk and bike trails, Northcote’s parks have become sanctuaries that give visitors plenty to enjoy as they wind down and rejuvenate.

If you happen to be in Northcote needing a good stroll, invite your family or friends and enjoy the surroundings and amenities of any of these parks.

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